comida árabe kibe
11th Jan

This is arab for me!

You probably have already heard this phrase right? Dude, I’m not following, you are sounding like an Arab! You got it, let’s talk about Arab food today, but first I wanted to get some premeditated concepts about Arab food or

17th Nov

Mangia che te fa bene

Hello guys! If you have some Italian family ancestry, you’ve probably heard that phrase from a relative, right? Well … Even if you do not have it, I think you probably heard it out there. Very simple to translate into

30th Oct

Bubble Tea

Today at Comida Conecta we are going to talk about something that is becoming quite popular here in Brazil and abroad. Some of you may have seen this for some time and others experienced it out of your hometowns. Bubble

10th Feb

Pure Munchies!

Ok, the year started and the Comida Conecta is looking at cool content, new partners for our blog, cool recipes … Up until this part, all good, right? Now while we do this we come across other content from Youtube